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"I get very vivid visions for some of my garments"

written by Brandon Broadus 



PSS (Private Sale Sundays) is a designer archival sale at our private showroom THE STUDY by RESIDENCE where patrons have the opportunity to discover amazing new designers at even better prices. Inspired by our eventual exit from society to find our own inner peace; we recently sat down with emerging Atlanta Sociex Studios designer Brandon Curtis to learn more about his process and what makes his iconic designs unique...


What inspires you?


Existence as a whole. When I read scripture I also get very vivid visions for some of my garments. As well as my career as a nurse, the anatomy of the body, the fragility of life, the empathy and beauty of humans all inspire my pieces. 


What makes Atlanta a great place to design? 


.Atlanta is a great place to design because we are a bit of a melting pot. Not to the extent of New York but we have so many different people here and different communities to draw inspiration from. 


What is the most challenging part about designing in Atlanta? 


The most challenging part of designing in Atlanta is that there is very limited access to seamstresses and the ones that are here require high minimum order quantities and expensive patterns/muslins


Who is your tribe? 


My tribe would be my wife and groomsmen. Kadeem (@kadeemspersoective) Jay (@1saintjay) Trevor and Fred (@fredoneek) As well as Jabari Jenkins (@by.jabarijenkins) who is my videographer and Sadé (Sade.Symone) who helps with creative direction. 

When did you know design is something you wanted to pursue professionally? 


I knew design was for me and was something I could do professionally the first time I tried on my leather pants. That feeling was indescribable, but I knew it was something I wanted to experience over and over again in my life. The process of envisioning, 

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