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Set the time, Keep an open mind, Pay it forward.

written by Brandon Broadus photography by Elijah Davis


We would just like to thank our extended community for your continued love and support over the years. We appreciate you all bearing with us as we continue to build the foundation of RESIDENCEATL. Navigating the uncertainties and setbacks of these past few years have been challenging for us all. However we remain committed in our mission to deliver Atlanta's first viable commercial culture hub that offers both safe space for creators to tell their stories and Atlantans to experience new points of view. Building a revolutionary new experience from the ground up in a place with limited supportive infrastructure or precedent can be quite arduous. We are trusting in the process and hope you will too. We believe if we take our time to build it right with your help it can take root and grow..

Atlanta is such a beautiful place filled with amazing innovators and stories and we intend to contextually highlight the full breath of its natural beauty. However, we believe in order for Atlanta to fully flourish we must first address some of the biggest threat posing challenges and prioritize solutions to ensure its growth.

 Perhaps Atlanta's biggest social challenge is connectivity. Infrastructural gaps and the lingering effects of segregative redlining have left the city severely disjointed. There are few walkable neighborhoods and districts for its culture to naturally thrive and all walks can commune. So creating diverse safe intersections remains a top priority of RESIDENCE as we see greater connectivity as the route to greater opportunity. 

In snowballing fashion Atlanta's lack of infrastructural continuity leads to the devaluation of its cultural currency. As a result we begin to champion and value external cultural outputs over our own which can have lasting compromising economic effects. Strengthening Atlanta's cultural currency through identity is our next priority. Be it through our range of sustainable luxury goods or celebrating our fellow craftspeople independently producing greatness locally and domestically. We believe its important to "pro-sume" and treasure the beauty of our own backyards.

As we continue to make progress tiling the land, we still have a stretch of road ahead. Our sense of adventure keeps us trucking and we simply wish to know... Atlanta are you ready for something new? If so, real change must be followed by action as we cannot get there without you.

So we encourage you to show your support by making your appointment at The Study by RESIDENCE, our appointment only showroom of modern luxuries that showcases a comprehensive sneak peak of our full signature personal experience This is the next step in the journey to RESIDENCEATL.

We will get there Atlanta but first we must remember to...

Set the time
Keep an open mind
Pay it forward

Outside of visiting our showroom there are plenty of ways to still show your support wherever you are.

Shop - Online and with our "Rooted" retail partners
Attend -  One of our many personal experiences throughout the city
Amplify - Repost, share, like, & comment on social media   

Partner - with us to produce a experience for your company/brand 
Request - resiSNACK at your place of business

Subscribe - to our newsletter (below)

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