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THE STUDY by RESIDENCE offers more than just a new way to sustainably shop local its a new way of southern hospitality.

written by Brandon Broadus photography by Brandon Broadus


THE STUDY by RESIDENCE is the first private experiential retail space from RESIDENCE. Intended to create an intimate intersectional space for all where even the most marginalized of individuals can see, be, and know that they are more. It's a new space for discovery that celebrates the excellence the overlooked and tells their stories. Accessible solely through intent of creating space for it. The Study rewards adventurers with treasures of unprecedented access to true modern luxury conveniently personalized just for you. THE STUDY by RESIDENCE offers more than just a new way to sustainably shop local its a new way of southern hospitality, of which we hope will become a welcomed addition to your regular routine. Book your personal shopping experience today and embark on your journey to your best self and beyond…  

THE STUDY by RESIDENCE is intentionally accessible by a unique and seamless appointment process. This is done to ensure a consistent and private shopping customer experience of our curated selection of modern luxuries. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible and being able anticipate the individual needs of our guests helps provide a new level of personalized service. We understand this will present some initial challenges and confusion as with any new technology. However, we see this as an early learning curve as we are committed to helping our customers create the space and set the intention for good things. After all intention cost nothing at all and it has the ability to make a world of difference.





We are thrilled to join the Atlanta retail community in offering a new home away from home. So if you are in the market for new find all you must do is: Set the time, keep an open mind and if you love what you find pay it forward! Do this our community will surely thrive. See you soon...

Private location
Old 4th Ward
Atlanta, GA 30312

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