who we are

Residence is a sustainable luxury brand & social club that specializes in fine handcrafted goods and personal experiences that reimagine luxury and optimize your life.

Since its establishment in Atlanta, GA in 2017, Residence remains committed to the democratization of the luxury experience as we feel its accessibility should know no bounds.
As a BIPOC-owned organization, we celebrate our diverse team of professionals and network of artisans working together to present a new vision of modern southern elegance.
We produce an exclusive range of fine inner wear, home goods, and personal experiences each backed by exemplary service. However, people are our true product and this intrinsic value remains at the forefront of our ethos .
our vision
redefined luxury.
Residence reimagines and optimizes the luxury experience with its curated selection of hand crafted luxuries and enriching personal experiences. Explore, connect, unwind and refresh in a conveniently sumptuous environment. Residence not only offers a glimpse of the future of retail; it creates a home. A place where people live. 
our mission
inspiration. aspiration. education
The youth hold the key to our future and the arts open the door to cultural progression. Residence aims to lay the foundation for lasting creative infrastructure in Atlanta through its CO-lab (Community Outreach Laboratory) initiative. We hope to create safe spaces that facilitate intentional connection and expansive thought. Equiping the next generation with tools, education, and resources needed for global competition. We believe that in order to grow culture we must look from within and cultivate a community.


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