our mission
redefined luxury.

Residence is an unbridled vision of luxury where patrons are no longer bound by the constructs of time. Offering a welcoming environment where consumers can relax, socialize and enjoy fast fresh cuisine and beverages while exploring a curated offering of the world’s best contemporary and luxury brands. Residence not only creates the ultimate in retail experiences; it creates a home. A place where people live. 

our vision
inspiration. aspiration. education
The youth hold the key to our future and the arts open the door to cultural progression. Residence is dedicated to the continued growth of the Atlanta Fashion and art culture by supporting initiativesdedicated to the development of Atlanta’s youth fashion designers, providing them with the tools, education, and resources needed for competition on a global scale. We believe that In order to grow culture we must look from within and cultivate a community.

Never miss a move in the city.