MA!RESIDENCE is a four part daytime event series in collaboration with Atlanta design and architecture powerhouse MA!-design is human. MA! is responsible for Atlanta’s biggest yearly design festival (Atlanta Design Festival) and modern architecture tours, furthering Atlanta’s design culture exposure with their many initiatives. This event series offers guests an immersive glimpse at the future RESIDENCE brick and mortar luxury experience (fashion, cuisine, nightlife) as well as highlights the relationship between luxury fashion and modern architecture in plush modern homes and settings. We know that providing both context and education is integral in the cultural development of Atlanta, and aim to bring the luxury experience closer to those who are eager to learn and enjoy it with us. 

The inaugural MA!RESIDENCE featured cuisine from modern Oaxacan culinary visionaries Chicomecoatl, sounds from Anonima and Sushi Ceej, an interactive fashion presentation from New York based contemporary luxury brand S.K. Manor Hill and shopping platform Looklive, and lastly a series of conversations with renown Atlanta architect Jordache Avery and former Nike Global Product Director Senor Kaos.

Sept 29, 2018
Hours 2:00p – 8:00p
Ashley Modern
Atlanta, GA 30312

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