handmade in america.

Residence is dedicated to offering the finest luxury goods and experiences by utilizing our extensive network of skilled artisans. In the digital age fine craft by hand is a near lost art domestically, but we believe in the spirit of ingenuity that made this nation iconic and continue to support our patron artisans who continue the legacy of fine American craft.

the future is green.
We ethically source the finest materials from across the globe, producing our range domestically and locally at fair wage. Each unique treasure is expertly crafted for continuous use and housed in elegant recyclable packaging, creating circular luxury that sustains our community. We only have one earth and it is our responsibility to protect it for generations to come.
house of modern luxury.

Discover our complete range of handcrafted luxuries. Each vigorously vetted for excellence. Distinctly and proudly handmade in America.

Unique furnishings for the abode.


Fine friendship jewelry for life.

Luxury in every bite.

Artisan jersey to live in.

Our private collection of bespoke inner wear.


Never miss a move in the city.