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Mo & Her Plants

Mo & Her Plants

We speak with Mona Simone about her eponymous label Marijuana Girl…

written by Brandon Broadus, photography by Brandon Broadus

What is Marijuana Girl?

Marijuana Girl is a new lifestyle brand created to erase the stigma behind cannabis users especially women.

When (if ever) do you think Atlanta will legalize it?

I do feel like Georgia has progressed within the past couple of years and we’re definitely now closer to legalization than ever. I’d estimate as soon as 2 years from now honestly.

What do you love most about Atlanta?

I love the diversity within the city itself. but mostly i love the creative “scene” and how supportive everyone is. That southern hospitality hit different in Atlanta.

What do you think Atlanta needs to improve on?

I hate the whole “status” thing we’ve got going on in Atlanta there’s this mentality that everybody has to be somebody and everyone wants to flex on each other and shit. It’s one thing we need to let go of as a community for sure.

Do you find it difficult to run a fashion brand?

I personally do not. Like I mentioned, so far i’ve had a ton of support. There’s so many recourses that I have access to here when it comes to production. We’ve even featured in a few small local events and pop-up’s in the city. I wouldn’t have wanted to start my brand anywhere else honestly.

Who would you like to see Marijuana Girl on next?

Brittany Byrd, we gonna manifest that!

What is a little known fact about you?

When I was in 9th grade I actually hated weed because I didn’t smoke yet so my friends would ditch me to get high after school sometimes. lol I was so lame bro

Do you feel cani-culture is relevant outside of Los Angeles?

Definitely, there are so many other places that have legalized recreational use and there are so many more states that are medical or progressing.

What is your favorite weed brand? Fashion brand?

RAW of course. I love everything that they put out. Well, not the clothing but the smoking accessories. Right now my favorite fashion brand is Telfar. it’s black owned and their shit is just fly.

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