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who we are

Residence is a mixed use luxury retail concept that encompasses the realms of fashion, cuisine and nightlife. Offering a welcoming environment where consumers can relax, socialize and enjoy fast fresh cuisine and beverages while exploring a curated unisex offering of the best emerging luxury fashion brands across the country.

Residence is a declaration that challenges the conventions of retail. We are committed to the democratization of the luxury experience as we feel its accessibility should know no bounds.
We celebrate our diverse team of individuals working together to present a redefined vision of luxury. We also support a diverse group of emerging designers who encourage sustainability through their dedication to craftsmanship, fair trade and waste reduction ensuring a fashionable future for our planet.
We are deeply rooted in our commitment to exemplary service as this the basis for memorable experiences. Often times its not what people buy its how they bought it that makes it special, the relationships they build and the strong associative connections. People are our product and this intrinsic value remains at the forefront of our philosophy .
Personality and how we express that individuality via style is important, as it is what makes us unique. The same is lame. Feel great. Be bold. Be Proud. Be yourself.


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