conversation – WE SO NASTY

written by Brandon Broadus  

There is something in the water in Atlanta, GA people have been trying to figure what it is for years now. Record executives cant quite put their fingers it but they know it yields the gold standard of sensual R&B music. You know, pretty much the reason the entire you are even here to read this article. Tremors of the mythological Freaknik spurted the sound that would come to dominate global record charts throughout the 2000s. Evident through the rise of megastars like Usher, The-Dream, Ciara, and Lloyd and their predecessors groups XScape, TLC, and 112; Atlanta had clearly become the new face of the bedroom.
As the hip hop started to make its presence more heavily known in the world of R&B Atlanta remained a trailblazing force. Artists like Ludacris, TIP, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane were coining some of the sexiest tracks their   
Despite its generally land locked geography , How can city create such promiscuous tropical vibes without a beach in sight? The answer is simple…sex is the DNA of Atlanta. Why do you think our strip clubs are world renown. I will give you a hint its not for the cupcakes…or is it? 

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