conversation – OUTSIDE IN

written by Brandon Broadus  photography by Brittni Mariah

If you were to ask yourself a few month ago to name a list of places you could see your self within the immediate future; we highly doubt Club Quarantina was at the top of your list. There is no doubt about it these are very much so unprecedented times. Navigating them will continue to present several immediate challenges yet we remain hopeful for the future and the innovations arisen as a result. We hope less traffic jams and annoying close talkers, one can only dream. Now is a time to reset, reflect, and ask yourself how can we be the change the world needs. Atlanta has a unique opportunity to do just the same. If being inside so long has done anything at all its ensured that we never take our city’s beauty landscape for granted. We miss it but we are in this together. Stay in and stay safe -xoxo.