written by Brandon Broadus  photography by Brandon Broadus

Markeidric Walker is more than just an artist what he embodies, lives and breathes is hope for Atlanta’s brighter future.

Few artists can contextualize beauty in such a unique way. Upon first glance his works seem purely inspired by renaissance era masters your Michelangelo’s, Da Vinci’s, etc. While they undoubtedly pay homage once you have a moment to really sit and sharpen your gaze the nuances of his signature and unparalleled style begin to appear. The immense detail, luxurious palettes his works are nothing short of kingly. Fitting amongst the great works of the 21 century for how the manage to translate a very surreal environment through a lens of neo classicism. Challenging every notion that fine art mustn’t delve too far into the vernacular of the common man.

Despite his prowess, fine art is but one of the mediums Markeidric utilizes to paint is grandiose vision; his growing efforts in activism are not too far behind. As victim of systematic injustices he eagerly uses his platforms at any opportunity to inspire a people, remind them of their inner power and expand the African American Diaspora. Markeidric is a true revolutionary destined for greatness we hope his continued efforts will spurt a new Atlanta renaissance that reminds the world that this city is not one dimensional.

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