fashion – 2 DEBATE OR NOT 2 DEBATE

written by Darian Steward photography by Various Artists

Honestly it’s been extremely difficult to write this article as I was initially far too concerned with how my perspective would be received. People are hyper sensitive and extra vindictive these days so a young ambitious brotha must tread carefully on these here interwebs when expressing his opinion. With that said let’s talk about the latest presentation of Atlanta bred Fashion House, BSTROY.

If you’re interested in whether or not I “like” the collection I’d be more than happy to share those thoughts with you in person. In this particular instance I’d like to remind my fellow consumers that consumption is, in and of itself, an artform. We as the audience should be as, if not more so, intentional with our processing of what we see and experience as the artists are in their presentations.

After binge watching contemporary art mini docs on youtube (Kerry James Marshall is the GOAT don’t @ me) I’ve internalized that the mark of a true master artist is their deliberate decision making. The idea that every aspect of what they create has been carefully considered and intentionally placed, produced, and presented. Now with this in mind, when consuming any and all creative outputs, the only relevant question a competent audience member should be asking is “WHY?” (insert pastor meme here). Why was I paying attention to this fashion show in the first place? Why was this presentation named after the buddhist concept of an infinite cycle of birth, mundane existence, and death perpetuated by ignorance and bad karma? Why did the designers choose to produce hoodies with names of schools that have experienced the tragedy of being shot up by students, complete with bullet holes. Why did these inanimate objects garner such polarizing emotions from the audience?

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