music – DEAR SUMMER…

written by Brandon Broadus  photography by Various Artists

Very few artists move me to words but a piece of soul was agitated upon the very first listen of Girls Need Love. Briefly within the first 59 seconds I thought to myself oh great more SZA, HER runoff, but as her lyrics started to sink in I knew right then this mystery girl Summer (who generally arose from nowhere) was unlike other. 

This is why I was in proper personal listening party position at 11:59 October 3rd with a Mount Paran votive lit I eagerly anticipating the Spotify upload. What I heard next changed the fate of R&B for this generation, Over It is a near perfect R&B album no skips. I want you to think of an album in recent memory where you actually enjoyed listening to each song….I’ll wait. You can’t name one outside of So Much Fun? Exactly, because quality carefully considered music is no longer the norm. The ease of entry and decreased attention spans of society thanks to social media has ultimately lead to its disposability. We live in a “fast fashion” age of music.

However, there are a few who take their time to craft stories and create quality especially in spaces less explored like R&B. Our friends at LVRN have a superstar on their hands in Summer and by allowing her the freedom to tell her story to the tune of her choosing (with arguably the best R&B producer today London on Da Track) they created an ironically elegant modern masterpiece that solidifies a societal enlightening moment in time.

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