politics – 2 DEBATE OR NOT 2 DEBATE

written by Brittni Hudson  photography by Various Artists

When I first began writing this article it was based on the importance of the presidential debates and why they matter, but after viewing a short clip from the ‘REVOLT Summit Hip Hop Politics’ panel and a heated text message exchange of my own – It quickly changed. Sort of. 

I was pleasantly surprised that this particular clip of the summit had been making noise that seemed to be a little bit louder than those one time guests of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Even the most non-religious made it a priority to attend or stream this Sunday Service based on one figure alone. It’s truly astonishing, obviously not surprising. 

Can the most non-political be influenced to show up for a vote? 

The gist of the REVOLT conversation was one I often hear – “Until we do for ourselves, nothing else matters.” Ironically, the 3 people who were most highlighted in the conversation: Killer Mike, T.I., and Candace Owens seem to represent the 3 general categories of overall perspectives within our community. The well informed that can often be viewed as radical, but just wants the best for his own while knowing exactly how to get there. The less researched, but no less passionate and open to vocal confrontation based on what he knows he doesn’t want to see or hear from opposing sides. And the intelligent person playing for the other team. I think we all know people in our own personal lives who may fit into one of these three categories of people who care about what’s going on in our world. 

It’s important to recognize that any conversation, especially one on such an amazing platform for black people themselves, is a win no matter who you agree or disagree with and vote or don’t vote for. The conversation is a win for everyone, but it should be a daily one with action. 

That’s the biggest debate – a debate worth tuning into.

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