written by Rochelle Bennett    photography by Manolo Yllera

Saturday morning, sourcing inspiration for our future residence, I stubble upon a modern industrial bed and breakfast, La Maison Pujol, in Provence France. In search of the interior designer of this 5 room vintage concrete beauty I discovered Manolo Yllera; well known photographer at Architectural Digest Spain, described as an aesthete with a hooligan point. Who wouldn’t want to find out more about this man? I learned Manolo began to photograph at the age of 25 and was self-taught.

A few clicks later I find Manolo’s home-studio and immediately I was awestruck. In 2015 AD-Spain did an interview with Manolo showcasing his home-studio where he mentions he wanted to live in a diaphanous space, something simple and cheap “a set, a bathroom and little else”. He found his space in a old plaster workshop that was previously a mechanical workshop in Tetuán, Madrid, how inspiring. 

Standing between Manolo’s beautifully worn clawfoot tub and a quaint seating area for 2 you notice a tattered concrete wall with a rustic arch shaped window that appears to remain in place from it’s previous life. Manolo confesses in the article that he considers himself “very cheesy and without complexes”  and if he could he would put more flowers and paint on the sofas. He expresses his passion for graffiti without underestimating his eighteenth-century furniture with it’s random scribbles, Keith Haring markings in his bathroom and the adorable dog photos in his kitchen. His home-studio shows his love for harmony with the imperfection of chinese craftsmanship and a french touch. My favorite part of the Manolo’s home- studio is his bedroom. The bold and imperfect slash of red paint and black dot resembling a Joan Miro painting displayed on his headboard made an electrifying statement in the tranquil neutrallly dressed bedroom.

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