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written by Brandon Broadus   photography by Various Artists

You ever find yourself scrolling down your timeline just to find a never-ending loop of with egregious amounts of bank tender being irresponsibly mishandled? Do you then subsequently ask yourself where in life did I fuck up? Well if you are like me and follow a plethora of financially irresponsible rappers and entertainers you will know the daily struggle of being constantly reminded of your comparatively inferior socio-economic status. 

Clout and its accompanying culture has undoubtedly taken a hold onto the youth psyche. The practice of “flexing” has been normalized to such a degree that even a young Mason Disick could be considered one of its prominent constituents. The great lengths and the myriad of different ways people are finding to showcase their frivolous behavior is nothing short of astounding.  But I started to ask myself why would someone aspire to simply pose with mountains of greenbacks? Could we be missing the true essence of “band flexing”? I draw back on a simple principle of seeing as believing to help reinforce messages. This is an age old ideal that people with more of something like liquidity must have answers that we without don’t. So we are always primed to listen, right or wrong. 

This is the value and the perceived value that this practice achieves and to such great effect that the practice of “passing bands” has become somewhat of common place to help upcoming artist solidify their place in the pecking order. Artists like Blac Youngsta and NLE Choppa just to name a few have made entire careers from the attention this behavior brings. Its a true mind bender that plays to many sophisticated psychological notions and to note that no one ever shows how the money is spent makes you wonder. Have they created a more effective form of viral marketing? Ingenuity is around us and thanks to the wonders of Instagram, we may have more independent WPP competitors then ever imagined.

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